Cinematic Crop

As photographers, we often look to other photographers for inspiration and ideas. However, there are plenty of other sources that can provide us with inspiration. For me one of these is cinema. That wide image on the cinema screen has always felt incredibly absorbing. In photography when we want to go wide we often reach for a wide angle lens, but there is another way. Enter cinematic crop. Continue reading “Cinematic Crop”

Street Photography with Kevin Mullins

Back in May 2017, I attended a street photography workshop with Fuji X Photographer Kevin Mullins. I’ve mentioned Kevin once before, and I will probably do so  in the future. When I started with Fuji, Kevin was part of the reason for my obession as you can read here. His approach to photography greatly appeals to me. His documentary style is some of the best around. If you have seen his wedding work, you will know what I mean. If you haven’t then check out his website. He is also an excellent street photographer, so I figured if I was going to invest in learning it should be with someone whose work appealed to me.  Continue reading “Street Photography with Kevin Mullins”

How I found Fujifilm

Back in 2006, I began working at Flight Centre. The staff discounts gave me the opportunity to travel more than I ever had before. At this point, the only camera I owned was a cheap point and shoot. I decided that if I was going to take photos on my travels, then the only way I could possibly do this was to buy a ‘big camera’. That’s right. I ventured into the world of entry-level DSLR’s. Continue reading “How I found Fujifilm”

Favourite photo of 2017

I am writing this while we are driving back home to London having just spent a fantastic evening with some of our best friends. Don’t worry, I’m not actually driving. My partner is.

Naturally, as the year draws to a close, we have been passing the time by talking about all the fantastic things that have happened this year. The places we have been. The good times we have shared. The things we have achieved together and the things we have accomplished as individuals. It hasn’t all been glitter and sparkles, nothing ever is. But, it’s been pretty damn good. Continue reading “Favourite photo of 2017”

Why photography?

“So, what made you get into photography?” It is the question we have all been asked at some point. Often repeatedly. It is a question we have probably all asked ourselves. It is something most of us have on our ‘about me’ page on our website.  I have always wanted to reply to this question with a cute story. You know the one. Continue reading “Why photography?”

My 365 project

I have been passively aware of the concept of 365 photography for some years. Some credit the idea of the 365 project to George Taylor McKnight who started his body of work in 2004. It subsequently spawned a Flickr group where others would share their own projects. I found the concept interesting but never entirely bought into it. Continue reading “My 365 project”

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