Does the world need another photography blog?

Well, the answer is,  probably not. So why did I bother to create one? I’ve been pondering that very question as I signed up for WordPress today. On some level, if I am honest with myself, there is a self-indulgent element to it. Deep down we all seek appreciation for what we do. The internet has given us a forum to display our work to the world in the hope that someone, somewhere, will enjoy what we have produced. It doesn’t matter if it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. We all enjoy the warm feeling when someone ‘likes’ our work. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, for photographers, it seems social media has become an essential business tool rather than somewhere to simply drop the mic.  But that is a whole different topic.

My conscious thinking behind this blog was that I wanted somewhere to document my journey into photography. Nothing pretentious, nothing self-righteous, just something simple and honest.

I have read so many great blogs over the last few years that have helped or inspired me and I have enjoyed following the journey of others. I figured now was the time to document my journey.

I hope you find something you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Does the world need another photography blog?

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  1. Hello Luke! I just found your blog via Twitter. I enjoy your writing very much. I also started my blog with the same principle as you, nothing fancy, just a way to document my thoughts and struggles. I wish you a lot of success on this journey!

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