Christmas with the X100F

I was fortunate enough to have 4 separate Christmas celebrations last year. One at home with just the two of us, one with Claire’s family, one with my mum and step-dad and one with two of my best friends. It was the first Christmas that we have done this. Work usually gets in the way of plans over the holiday season, but last year we were lucky.

I knew I  wanted to document this rare opportunity, so I made sure the X100F was close at hand. To be honest, the X100F is always close at hand. I have never documented a day or event at home, so this would be a first.

The form factor of the X100F means that I am shooting things I probably would never have done with my other cameras or even my XT2 for that matter

I set my X100F up as follows;

  • Single Shot mode – I had no need for CL or CH. Single shot was fine.
  • Auto WB – The Fuji system does an excellent job with Auto WB, so it is one less setting to worry about
  • Auto ISO (minimum Shutter speed 1/125, maximum ISO 6400.) I have no issue with running the Fuji system to 6400 although I try and stay below 3200. I embrace the grain produced at high ISO.
  • Multi metering mode – I usually spot meter, but I wanted Claire to be able to shoot if she wanted to so this makes it easier for her.
  • Exposure Comp set to “C” to enable front dial – This is just something I wanted to try. I quite like it this way actually.
  • Acros + Green Filter – I love this simulation, and the green is excellent for skin tones.

To keep this project simple I transferred the photos straight out of camera and onto my phone where they were edited with Lightroom Mobile.

The majority of these were edited during little quiet moments of each day. There is a simple S curve applied, an increase in the blacks, some split toning and a vignette.

So here is a selection of what was captured.  Are they technically perfect photos? No. But sometimes technically correct images just aren’t important.

I hope you enjoy.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

3 thoughts on “Christmas with the X100F

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  1. Luke, it doesn’t matter if the photos are technically perfect because what matters is the story behind them and you were perfect at telling the story. I love how you captured the details, the smiles, the personalities…


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you share my feeling on technical perfection.We often get tied up in this when there are so many elements that are much more important. I would much rather have a photo with emotion and meaning than a photo that would make pixel peepers happy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not the most critic person when it comes to the technical aspects. I’m more concerned whether I like things or not and I love your images and the passion that you write about them.


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