Favourite photo of 2017

I am writing this while we are driving back home to London having just spent a fantastic evening with some of our best friends. Don’t worry, I’m not actually driving. My partner is.

Naturally, as the year draws to a close, we have been passing the time by talking about all the fantastic things that have happened this year. The places we have been. The good times we have shared. The things we have achieved together and the things we have accomplished as individuals. It hasn’t all been glitter and sparkles, nothing ever is. But, it’s been pretty damn good.

One of our traditions over the last couple of years has been Spotify – Year in music, or ‘Wrapped’ as its now called. Here is how 2017 looked.

I guess we really like Song #3


New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day ( work helps us decide which one) always finds us listening to our Top 100 songs and drinking a few beers. Ok, more than a few. And maybe some Bourbon. Talk of this led me to pose the question “What has been your favourite photo I have taken this year?”

Well, that was an hour ago. She hasn’t come up with an answer yet. And neither have I when asking that question of myself. This is a good thing I feel. It hopefully means I have taken lots of good photos right? Why it actually means is that I have photographed a range of things that matter for different reasons and that is what makes it hard to pick one over the other. Luckily we have had more time than planned for this debate. The worlds largest car park, the M25, has given us 40 minutes extra journey time. Thank you M25

Finally through the door, we have just sat down with coffee, and a decision has been made. The favourite image of 2017 is one of the last that I took this year. It was taken 2 days ago. We hadn’t seen my Mother in just over a year. We drove up to surprise her. With my Fuji X100F in hand, pre-focused, I was ready to grab a moment of genuine emotion between two people.

This is what I love about the X100F. It’s so small I take it everywhere. Taking it everywhere means I can capture these moments. Moments that otherwise I may never have recorded. Moments that matter. At least to us anyway.

Here is to 2018. Cheers!

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