Travelling with Fuji

I travel whenever I can. Usually short, two day breaks, here in the U.K. or elsewhere in Europe but, every two years, I take an extended 3-week break and head off to a long haul destination. In 5 days I will be flying to the Philippines to visit my father who moved out there 3 years ago. Then I’ll be heading to Singapore and Malaysia. With flights paid for, hotels booked and a vague idea of what I want to see, there is only one question left……What camera gear do I take? Continue reading “Travelling with Fuji”

Cinematic Crop

As photographers, we often look to other photographers for inspiration and ideas. However, there are plenty of other sources that can provide us with inspiration. For me one of these is cinema. That wide image on the cinema screen has always felt incredibly absorbing. In photography when we want to go wide we often reach for a wide angle lens, but there is another way. Enter cinematic crop. Continue reading “Cinematic Crop”

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