Week 1 of 52 (365 Project)

Thanks to my glorious day job there has been a small delay in getting the first of my 365 posts online.  As I mentioned here, I am not setting out to produce something artistic and creative every day. It might happen some days, but in general, I am merely looking to capture a moment from each day. Every photo here will have a reason for it being taken.

I aim to complete the entire project using the Fuji X100F which has been the recent addition to my arsenal.

So here is week 1. Enjoy.

New Year / Old Diet
Having spent a lot of time in Hong Kong, instant noodles in soup became a favourite. They are particularly as a breakfast food, but they don’t have to be boring. I enjoyed making this.
Back to work I go.
Sometimes all you need is Cava and a Dragon. Being Welsh, there are lots of dragons in my house.
Trying something different here. Obviously not my legs ( mine are better.)
05-01-18Fire Starter
My first fire of 2018. I would much rather be out in the cold with a fire than indoors with the heating on.
A portrait of my neighbour’s little girl. She is addicted to that phone.
My nightmare
I spent Sunday knee deep in flat pack.

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