My 365 project

I have been passively aware of the concept of 365 photography for some years. Some credit the idea of the 365 project to George Taylor McKnight who started his body of work in 2004. It subsequently spawned a Flickr group where others would share their own projects. I found the concept interesting but never entirely bought into it. So many examples of what I saw were merely endless photos of small children, family pets or a busy household.  I have none of these things. It’s just the two of us. This left me wondering what I would document. What did I have to photograph in my day-to-day life? This made me search for 365 style projects that stood out. Something that spoke to me.

3 months ago I discovered the incredible collection of Polaroids taken by Jamie Livingston. This man took 365 photography to the extreme way before McKnight. From March 31st, 1979 until October 25, 1997, Livingston took a photo every day. Hugh Crawford, who discovered this collection, hosts the entire body of work here. There is even a book containing all 6754 images. The images are not all of the same people. They are not even all of the same subject matter. There is an incredible variety. Some record the obvious events; a holiday, a birthday, a celebration. Others record the seemingly mundane such as this photo taken in the bath.

Jamie Livingstone, 01-29-80 (taken from photooftheday)

This photo brings back memories of being at my grandmother’s house in Cardiff, Wales. There was always an old style Ajax container next to the sink. They were made of thick cardboard, weren’t they? I’m not sure it ever got used as it was always in the same place. Not that her house was ever dirty though. Quite the opposite.  I digress…

My point is that until I saw Livingston’s work, I had never really bought into the concept of 365 photography. His work changed my views completely. In 3 days time, I will begin my first attempt at this type of project. Will I succeed? Who knows. What I do know is that I will try my hardest to stick with it. My day job is going to interfere immensely, and it is most likely that I will post 7-day updates here.

The countdown begins now.



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